Our Core Values

Precise Hire’s core values form the foundation on which we live and work every day. Regardless of how large we become, we will continue to preserve and practice the values that we started with and that have shaped our corporate culture for more than 13 years.


We are committed to doing what is ethically correct and to being honest with ourselves and with others at all times.


We honor, respect and cherish the differences in people, including thoughts, principles and business endeavors.


We value one another’s time, perspectives and differences, and demonstrate respect by being approachable, responsive and supportive of each other.


We are committed to continuously growing the loyalty of our employees, their families, our customers and our culture.

Quality Service

We listen and respond to the desires of our customers and we are committed to continuously improving our screening system and customer’s experience.


We empower our people to take ownership for their actions and not be fearful of the outcomes

Spiritual Commitment

Precise Hire operates with the belief that our blessings come from God, and we give thanks for receiving and sharing them.

Financial Strength

We are committed to ensuring financial strength for our company and for our customers.