PEEK Report

Pre Employment Evaluation Kit (PEEK)

Your prospective employer will run a background check on you. Depending on how in-depth their screening is, they’ll learn about your criminal history, work history, educational records, and professional licenses or certificates.
Do you know what your background check will say about you? Most people think they know, but in reality, they actually don’t.
For example, what if your background check contains inaccurate or misleading information? With the proliferation of identity theft and even with simple data entry errors, your background check could be completely inaccurate and this can harm your chances for a job.
If your background check does contain bad information, do you know who to contact to have the bad information removed or corrected? For those with no experience in these matters, tracking down the correct sources and getting the issue resolved can be a complex, time-consuming and frustrating process.
With the Pre Employment Evaluation Kit by Precise Hire, you can see your background check before a prospective employer does.
Here are three BIG reasons to take this step in your job search:
  1. Stand out among other candidates. Few people will pre-verify their background, but it saves employers and recruiters precious time and money if you do.
  2. Show prospective employers you’re honest. Using a PEEK Report will verify that the information on your resume is accurate and will demonstrate that you are trustworthy.
  3. Control your career data. Know what’s out there about you and proactively fix any bad information that can derail your job search.

What's Included in a PEEK Report?

A PEEK Report contains the same information that most employers will obtain when they order your background check. The searches contained in the PEEK Report include:
  • Social Security Number Trace & Address History Search
  • County Criminal Search Based on Address History
  • Nationwide Criminal Database Search
  • 50-State Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Patriot Act Search (Terrorist Watch Lists)
  • Federal Crimes Search
  • Bankruptcies, Liens & Judgements Search
  • Prior Employment Screenings – Last Three Employers
  • Education Verification – Highest Degree
There are three levels that you can choose from:

PEEK Level 1 - $70.00

Background Check Report Only

PEEK Level 2 - $90.00

Background Check Report plus a Tip Sheet on how to interpret the information along with some references to the laws and regulations that employers must follow when using background checks for hiring purpos

PEEK Level 3 - $150.00l 3 - $150.00

Background Check Report, Tip Sheet, 20 Minute Consultation with a Precise Hire Background Screening Executive to answer questions about the report plus assistance correcting bad/inaccurate/incomplete information.
With all three levels, we will provide a PEEK Certification Logo that you can add to your resume and feature on social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Face Book, indicating to prospective employers and recruiters that they should ask about your PEEK Report. You can then give them your PEEK account Username and Password so they can go online and authenticate your PEEK Report first-hand.
For those who are serious about managing their careers and who want to secure that competitive edge in a market that is saturated with talent, the PEEK Report will set you apart from the crowd.

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