ECOA Codes

ECOA Codes Description
A Authorized User - This individual is an authorized user of this account; another individual has contractual responsibility
C Joint Account Contractual Responsibility - This individual is contractually obligated to repay all debts arising on this account. There are other people associated with this account who may or may not have contractual responsibility.
I Individual - This individual has contractual responsibility for this account and is primarily responsible for its payment
M Maker (signer) - This individual is responsible for this account, which is guaranteed by a Co-maker (cosigner)
P Shared Account - This individual participates in this account. The association cannot be distinguished between ECOA I or J
S coSigner - This individual has guaranteed this account and assumes responsibility should signer default
T Terminated - Account is terminated
U Undesignated - This is reported by the Bureau only
X Deceased - the subject is on record as being dead.