Tap More Global Talent By Conducting International Background Checks

Background checks are standard for most companies in the United States. In some sectors, like education and financial services, background screening is actually required by government regulations. Even in cases where background checks are not mandated, they can help minimize a company’s risk for legal exposure and could reduce attrition by ensuring than an applicant is a suitable fit for the position.

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Helping Liars Get Hired: Employment Verification Fraud Harming Companies

We’ve written in the past about degree/diploma mills, which are fake colleges/universities that sell education credentials to help job applicants pad their resumes.

Fortunately, the private sector has collaborated with the U.S. Dept of Education in developing resources to reveal institutions that are not accredited, weeding out counterfeit degrees.

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Want to address medical marijuana in your work environment?

A number of employers are addressing the rapidly changing environment of medical marijuana laws in the United States by taking part in an assessment of their workplace drug policies.

Actually, most of these organizations are considering including stipulations in their policy that directly addresses medical (and sometimes recreational) marijuana use by employees.

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We Got Screwed: A criminal with a clean background check! How can this be?

It was just reported yesterday that the New Horizons Medical Institue in Athens, GA hired a convicted felon, who fleeced them for $55,000.

Wendy Steen Fischer was on parole from a 2009 conviction on charges she embezzled about $250,000 from two Athens medical practices, but officials at New Horizons Medical Institute were unaware of her rap sheet when they hired her in 2012.

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San Mateo County Court Closure

Starting July 15th, 2013 San Mateo County will be downsizing to one courthouse in Redwood City, due to budget cuts. The South San Francisco location will be used for file storage and a few court appearances  but researchers will no longer be able to order files from this courthouse.  Read More