Contra Costa County Docket Changes

Contra Costa Docket Changes

Case information routinely comes from computer printouts in Contra Costa County. The clerks conduct the searches (no public index) and print out case data for any possible case(s) found. Until now, the case details were fairly complete.

A couple weeks ago,  we noticed fines and fees no longer appeared on the print outs. We inquired about the change and finally got a response from the court supervisor. The change is pursuant to California Rules of Court 2.507(c). This is all the Supervisor would say.

Please paste the following into your web browser for the text of this code:

This change was probably made to reduce the workload for the clerks who remain after the layoffs, court consolidations and budget cuts. This is speculation.

It is our experience that fines do not factor in to most employment decisions, however, if any client wishes us to order case files (in order to get the fines and fees) please e-mail me and I will have a note entered on all Contra Costa searches.

Ordering files takes 3-5 days for most cases and can require file pull fees.

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