Pending California Court Fee Increase

Urgent Call To Action!

We have just been informed that the California State Budget Conference Committee is set to convene THIS Friday to considerenactment of a mandatory $10 search fee for public court records in California.  It’s a serious effort that if passed will have a substantial increase on background screening costs. So if you do business in California, or if you need to access public court records in California, we strongly urge you to write a short letter of opposition to this proposed fee increase.

Here is an easy way to do so:

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners has a simple link you can click on, enter your name and address, edit a PRE-WRITTEN FORM LETTER to your own liking and then automatically have it sent off to the appropriate state legislators.

We apologize for the last minute nature of the communication. But it was just put on the State Budget agenda and we wish to do everything possible to ensure it does not pass.

Please take action now at this link:

Topics: State and County Public Records Information

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