Education verifications simplified

Education verifications simplified

Hiring new employees presents numerous challenges. Before a person is even considered for a position, their application has to be reviewed and many companies feel compelled to verify education credentials. This can can seem overwhelming to anyone with a full workload. But if you want to make sure an applicant is truly qualified to handle the position they are being considered for, then it must be done.

There are literally thousands of schools in existence and many others that no longer operate. Many people do not include contact information on their education history, so it is necessary to track down a current number, find the correct person who can obtain the necessary records, and in some cases allow additional time to obtain the records from an off-site storage facility (when the records date back many years). When you take this on by yourself, it can be a complex process that can be made worse by dealing with a bureaucracy that wants you to “hurry up and wait.” However, there is a simple solution to this dilemma.

Today, outsourcing education verifications to a background screening company is both cost-effective and time-saving. By paying a modest fee and providing the name of the school, dates attended and degree, the human resource professional may concentrate on other tasks until this information is delivered. And with Precise Hire’s optimized technology, many education verifications can be performed instantly. The return far outweighs the minor investment required to obtain this information – in terms of timeliness and in terms of reduced stress.


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