Major Execs Falsify Education

Falsifying Education is a Character Issue

Several high profile business people, educators and coaches have padded their resumes with false education credentials, which raises the question: If people of this stature will lie about their education, who else is doing it and how widespread is the problem?

Check out this slide show to see some examples of high-level players who listed degrees they never earned: High-Level Liars.

As the job market becomes more competitive, applicants continue to misrepresent educational achievements on their resumes. Just this week, we helped one of our clients eliminate an applicant from the interview process because of an elaborate scam to falsify his education.

The client is a major international oil exploration company. They were trying to fill a field supervisor position. The position did NOT require a specified level of education, but one of their applicants listed an a degree on his resume so our client decided to verify the degree.

Following several calls to different departments at the university, we were unable to verify that the applicant earned the degree. We notified the client, who informed the applicant, but the applicant insisted that he earned the degree. He went so far as to claim that he just obtained an uncertified copy of his transcript and provided the name and phone number of the person who would verify this.

When we called the number provided, we discovered that we had called a funeral home. Suspecting that a fraud was being perpetrated, our customer service agent asked for the contact person by name and was transferred to her extension. Our customer service agent informed the person that we were conducting an Education Verification and could we fax her a consent form so they could fax us the transcript.

The woman provided a fax number, but when we attempted to fax the consent form, a voice message greeting was triggered, announcing the name of the funeral home. At this time, our customer service agent contacted the security department at the funeral home and provided the name of the woman we contacted.

It turns out the woman was the wife of the applicant and she was posing as an education official. She was going to fax us a counterfeit transcript to help her husband get the job. She was terminated from her position on the spot and our client excluded the applicant from further consideration.

Education verification is a “must-have” tool for any background screening package because it can help determine if your applicant has the required formal training – but it can also determine a person’s character. In other words, if a person is willing to lie about their education, what else would they be willing to lie about, or do, in order to advance their career – and at what cost to your company, employees, vendors or clients?

The moral of this story is to trust but verify.

Precise Hire has dedicated education verification specialists. We verify all diplomas, degrees or certificates in the U.S. and abroad.

Our education verification reports include the dates of attendance, the degree or certificate earned and the graduation date.

We are integrated with National Student Clearinghouse. You can see the list of schools that provide instant verifications through the Precise Hire portal.

When it comes to making the right decision about a new hire, a person’s true educational achievements can certainly make a difference, and may in fact be required for certain positions – but even more important than any formal classroom training is the quality of a person’s character. Adding Education Verifications to your screening package can help you be 100% certain about the degrees and certificates they claim to have earned, but it can also help you detect any charcter flaws which can prevent you from making a serious hiring mistake – and with the latest technology, most education verifications can be obtained instantly.

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