Is Your Background Check Accurate?

I read a blog today that explained how sometimes pre employment background checks may contain errors that prevent people from getting a job. This is true, by the way, and it’s one of the unavoidable imperfections associated with pre employment background checks, which is why the law prescribes a process to correct any such errors.

In fact, the blog provided a series of tips on how to fix incorrect information on a pre employment background check, if you fall victim to this scenario.

The recommendations were excellent, except for one thing. If you apply for a job and your background check reveals bad information that would exclude you from consideration, the responsibility to correct the bad information is yours and it could take you several weeks to resolve the matter. Even if you get it all worked out, the job you had applied for will likely be gone. So how can you avoid this nightmare?

The best approach is to purchase your own pre employment background check from an official background screening company, before you start searching for jobs.

The background check should contain the searches that most employers use when they run a pre employment background check, such as:

  • Social Security Number Trace & Address History Search
  • County Criminal Search in Counties of Residence Dating Back 10 Years
  • Nationwide Criminal Database Search
  • 50-State Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Education Verification – Highest Degree
  • Employment Verification – Last Three Employers

Ordering a pre employment background check from a reliable background screening company and including these searches in the screening package will yield enough information to help you determine if your background checks contains:

  • Criminal records that belong to someone with the same or similar name
  • Data entry errors that reveal incorrect information of any kind
  • Potential identity theft, which could place you at risk for bad information
  • Information about your education and work history

If you discover any information that is not accurate, you can then follow these steps:

Step 1

Ask the background screening company to help you correct any bad information and resolve any cases of mistaken identity. Be specific about which information is incorrect. Explain why the information is not accurate. Attach a copy of your background check report along with any documentation that proves the information is wrong. In most cases, a background screening company can resolve these kinds of situations in a matter of hours or days, where it might take you several weeks to do so without their professional assistance. The background screening company may charge an additional fee for this service, but what is your career worth to you and how much risk are you willing to assume when competing for a new job?

Step 2

Keep accurate and complete records demonstrating your dispute. This information may come in handy if you must pursue an employment opportunity before the background screening company has fully resolved your situation. Be sure to include with any such documentation the contact information for the background screening company and encourage any prospective employers to call the screening company for verification.

With 315 million people in America – and literally billions of public records in circulation – why risk your future on the hope that any public records containing your name are completely accurate?

The self-background check is a simple, fast and affordable solution to ensure that you avoid any confusion and land a good job that you are fully qualified for.

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