Slow-T: Good News For Those With Slow Turnaround

Slow-T or Slow-Turnaround, as it is technically known, affects millions of HR and Staffing professionals in the United States today. Turnaround, which is the amount of time it takes for a pre employment background check to fully process, is arguably the most important metric for this service. Data accuracy and cost are certainly important, but nothing more profoundly impacts the user of pre employment background checks like turnaround.

A company’s productivity, and ultimately its profitability, depends on having qualified talent in key roles. When a vacancy opens – due to staff turnover or company growth – getting a person onboard and fully trained as quickly as possible is absolutely mission critical.

Enter the background check

Most companies today will not place a candidate until that person has passed a pre employment background check. Because it’s so important to onboard talent quickly, Slow-T can create some real problems for HR or Staffing professionals, and the companies they work for. On a corporate level, Slow-T can lead to:

- Onboarding delays
- Increased recruiting costs
- Decreased productivity
- Workforce morale problems
- Workplace safety issues

Some notable symptoms of Slow-T for HR and Staffing professionals include:

- Stress
- Anxiety
- Frustration
- Anger
- Depression

A New Remedy

Background screening company Precise Hire recently completed trials and went to market with a new remedy for Slow-T, which is being hailed as “miracle cure” by those who use it.

RapidHire is a complex technology solution that was developed with input from HR and Staffing leaders from around the country.

It was tested against the nation’s Top 100 background screening companies on more than 10,000 background checks and every search was completed 50 to 70 percent faster.

One of the side effects detected during trials was the cost differential. It turns out that the automation and integration improvements built into the RapidHire technology for speed also resulted in a 15 to 30 percent cost savings when compared to any background screening package offered by another vendor.

For anyone who suffers from Slow-T, RapidHire is the only Turnaround Replacement Therapy option that offers consistently faster completion times at deeply discounted rates. This powerful, holistic approach creates lasting benefits for the entire organization.

RapidHire is now available without a prescription and is being used by thousands of HR and Staffing professionals, who report experiencing better quality of life at work with a renewed sense of optimism for the future.

If you suffer from Slow-T, you should consider RapidHire.

It could provide the life-changing experience you’ve been waiting for.


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