New Technology Will Redefine Market Pricing on Criminal Record Searches

Innovative Response to Market Demand is Making Waves by Challenging Long-Held Industry Standard

For as long as the modern background screening industry has existed, companies in our space have been selling county criminal records to their clients and they have been doing so using a sales technique called “unlimited counties.”

Under this approach, the client pays a premium and receives access to a criminal record search in every county where their applicant has lived.

However, if the applicant has lived in just one or two counties, which is frequently the case, the client still pays the premium price for “unlimited counties.” The thinking behind this approach has always been that some applicants will have lived in one or two counties and others will have lived in six or seven counties so it all washes out in the end.

Responding to companies that have expressed dissatisfaction with the uncertainty in this approach, we have developed new software code for the market that recognizes how many counties the applicant has lived in and automatically adjusts the price of the screening package accordingly.

Under this new approach, which we call Dynamic Adjusted Pricing, if the applicant lived in just one county, the client will only pay for a criminal record search in one county. If the applicant lived in two counties, the software will recognize this and the price will be automatically adjusted for a criminal records search in two counties. If any applicant has lived in three or more counties, this is the point where the client will pay the premium price for unlimited counties.

This new technology is resulting in cost-savings of 15% to 30% for all companies using it, which, for many companies equals hundreds to thousands of dollar per month, depending on their volume. This kind of cost savings represents a significant revenue boost for any company and is attracting substantial interest.

Liz D’Aloia, former Senior Employment Counsel for Office Depot and now CEO of HR Virtuoso Company, which specializes in mobile recruiting solutions, has become an evangelist for our new technology.

“To the business savvy HR Pro, technology must be able to streamline workflows, simplify employee engagement and improve the hiring process while reducing operational costs,” said D’Aloia. “My clients are currently in discussions with Precise Hire because all of these objectives are being advanced with this new application,” she said.

The county criminal search is based on information gleaned from the address history search, and the address history search is derived from an electronic connection with the major credit bureaus.

Our system initiates the address history search. Based on the results, the software recognizes which counties the person has lived in and then assigns the appropriate dollar value based the number of county criminal searches that will be executed for the applicant.

“It’s kind of like the Burger King model for background checks,” said D’Aloia. “When it comes to placing an order, you can finally have it your way,” she said.

Company President Mark Lingo credits our clients and team for this innovation.

“Our customer service team maintains great relationships with our clients, which helps our clients feel comfortable recommending system improvements, ” Lingo said. “Each time one of our clients suggests a technology improvement that will yield cost savings, we gladly implement it for them and all of our clients win,” said Lingo.

The new technology can be viewed in action during on online demo, which lasts about 10 minutes.


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