San Mateo County Court Closure

Starting July 15th, 2013 San Mateo County will be downsizing to one courthouse in Redwood City, due to budget cuts. The South San Francisco location will be used for file storage and a few court appearances  but researchers will no longer be able to order files from this courthouse. 

We estimate that 40 percent of the San Mateo case files are stored at this facility.

Starting July 15th, cases at this location will require a $10 file pull fee and will likely experience transportation delays.

Moreover, there are file pull limitations at the remaining court Redwood City (this is not new). Each researcher’s daily file order capacity will be effectively cut in half.

One solution  to delays is to order dockets for cases housed at the South San Francisco location. Dockets usually cost $3 – $5 per case and will be printed within a week. Thus, dockets will most likely be cheaper and faster than file orders. There may be greater delays, initially, as the court and the researchers adjust to the changes.

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