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HR Leaders: Avoid feeling stupid at your next performance review

Feeling stupid at work: A strong sense of embarrassment and regret, triggered when a colleague or supervisor discovers your foolish decision or moronic act that has (or could have) harmed your company and/or jeopardized its reputation.

Sometimes we make such decisions. If we have a forgiving boss, we will learn a very tough lesson and avoid making that same mistake twice. Of course, it would have been so much better if we had full knowledge up front to prevent the mistake and avoid feeling stupid in the first place.

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Texas Law Limits Negligent Hiring Liability

New Texas Law Limits Negligent Hiring Liability

Texas has a new law that limits the liability of employers hiring persons with criminal convictions. Under its protections, employers are insulated from liability for negligent hiring or failing to adequately supervise when they hire individuals with criminal convictions, with certain exceptions. Signed by Governor Perry on June 14, H.B. 1188 is effective immediately.

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L.A. Superior Court Fires 177, Demotes 139

LOS ANGELES (CN) – Los Angeles Superior Court will lay off 177 employees today as the largest trial court in the nation deals with a $84 million budget shortfall.

Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature this week worked out a deal for a balanced budget. But the cuts to court jobs and services show the aftershocks of the 2008 financial crisis still reverberate through the courts – and that California still has some ways to go.

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Contra Costa County Docket Changes

Contra Costa Docket Changes

Case information routinely comes from computer printouts in Contra Costa County. The clerks conduct the searches (no public index) and print out case data for any possible case(s) found. Until now, the case details were fairly complete.

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Pending California Court Fee Increase

Urgent Call To Action!

We have just been informed that the California State Budget Conference Committee is set to convene THIS Friday to considerenactment of a mandatory $10 search fee for public court records in California.  It’s a serious effort that if passed will have a substantial increase on background screening costs. So if you do business in California, or if you need to access public court records in California, we strongly urge you to write a short letter of opposition to this proposed fee increase.

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