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Beware of Mistaken Identity

It appears that a case of mistaken identity has resulted in one elderly American veteran losing his freedom to the communist regime in North Korea.

As Fox News reports, Merrill E. Newman, 85, was traveling with a group on a tour bus through North Korea, and was taken away after boarding an Oct. 26 flight out of the country, his family says.”

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From HR Generalist to HR Strategist

If you are pursuing a career in the human resources profession, and you hope to climb the corporate ladder, you will want to become adept at strategic thinking, planning and implementation – in other words, transitioning from HR Generalist to HR Strategist.

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Is Your Background Check Accurate?

I read a blog today that explained how sometimes pre employment background checks may contain errors that prevent people from getting a job. This is true, by the way, and it’s one of the unavoidable imperfections associated with pre employment background checks, which is why the law prescribes a process to correct any such errors.

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Anatomy of a Criminal Record Search

An applicant with a criminal past can pose numerous threats to any company. To keep the workplace safe for everyone, a company should screen its applicants with a criminal record check. But this is a little more complex than it sounds. Obtaining accurate criminal record information requires a multi-step process that is best handled by an experienced background screening company.

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Slow-T: Good News For Those With Slow Turnaround

Slow-T or Slow-Turnaround, as it is technically known, affects millions of HR and Staffing professionals in the United States today. Turnaround, which is the amount of time it takes for a pre employment background check to fully process, is arguably the most important metric for this service. Data accuracy and cost are certainly important, but nothing more profoundly impacts the user of pre employment background checks like turnaround.

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Pre Employment Background Checks Have Become a Business Necessity

With today’s business climate being extremely competitive and highly litigious, conducting pre employment background checks has become a necessity. The fact is, background checks help protect companies, fellow employees and key stakeholders from negative impacts that can result with a bad hire. Unethical people, dishonest people and maladjusted people can seriously harm a company’s workforce, reputation and financial stability.

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