Precise Hire's proprietary system includes many features to minimize month-end calculations

Month-end number crunching eats up a lot of time, which is why we have built features into our system that simplifies this process for you. Our branch invoicing and client code features will make you smile.

Want some helpful productivity tips?

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How Precise Hire simplifies calculations?

If you have multiple branches, offices or divisions, we will set up your account so that you can order accordingly. Additionally, if you want to track spending by client, we can activate this feature as well.

You will receive one invoice, subtotaled by branch and/or client code so you don’t waste hours running calculations.

Average Time Savings

Our special invoice features, on average, save 2 to 5 hours per week. This frees up time for other projects.

Complete Customization

Most of our system features were recommended by existing clients to achieve time savings or cost savings.

No Contracts

As a performance-based company, we do not require service contracts. You will never incur penalties with us.