Precise Hire pioneered the data accuracy review process for the background screening industry

Companies base hiring decisions on background checks so it's absolutely critical that the information you receive is accurate. We pioneered the internal review process to maximize data accuracy.

Never make a hiring decision based on public data.

View our guide on the risks of public database searches.

Why Precise Hire's reports are more reliable.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires background screening companies to implement special steps to make sure reports are accurate. We pioneered the industry's Quality Assurance (QA) process to meet this mandate.

Value Added Service

Many screening companies don’t apply a QA process and some that do will charge extra fees. We offer this service free of charge.

98.5% Accurate

We use every tool possible to deliver accurate information and we are among the fastest in the industry at resolving applicant challenges.

10 Years and counting...

Our average client has been with us for at least a decade. With hundreds of screening companies to choose from, we must be doing it right.